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Think Green

Environment Friendly Waste Disposal

Product manufacturers are challenged to find more environmentally friendly ways of production and to seek the co-operation of the packaging industry.

DFM Packaging Solutions is environmentally friendly because it is:

 100% Recyclable 
 100% Biodegradable 

DFM Packaging Solutions works continuously to ensure compliance with international quality and environmental standards. 

Egg producers and food retailers can benefit from DFM Packaging Solutions sustainability and marketing strategy. 


The products can be repeatedly reused and when disposed of are ready to be reproduced into another generation of packaging. 

This method of waste disposal conserves the environment by minimising the destruction of timber resources, and avoids increasing waste. 

Our products are made up of recycled material ie: newsprint and Pulp (waste) destined for landfill. Moulded Fibre packaging is an efficient use of raw material.


Since Moulded Fibre packaging is biodegradable, it can be composted. It decomposes on the compost heap in the garden or on a large compost area and is then used as valuable humus fertiliser. 

This means that Moulded Fibre packaging can be collected in a container together with organic waste. Moulded Fibre rots naturally, just like any other type of wood.


Moulded Fibre can be burnt very easily. 


Due to its natural composition, Packaging can be recycled by nature in its present state. It contains nothing artificial to pollute nor harm the environment, and can be deposited in landfills without any problems.

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