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Safety & Quality


In striving to be the preferred Moulded Fibre Manufacturer, we regard people and the environment as all important assets and are committed to identifying and controlling risks to which people and the environment are exposed.

We will achieve these objectives by:

  • Reducing, as far as is reasonably practical, all risk to the health and safety of our Employees, Contractors and Visitors.
  • Operating our processes and eliminating hazardous conditions that will avoid the possibility of injury or environmental damage.
  • Implementing reasonable preventative measures to protect employees and by providing instruction and training as may be necessary to inform employees of the potential risk to their health and safety.
  • Endeavouring to reach the highest integrity in design, construction, operation and maintenance of all equipment and processes, by adhering to recognised operational, engineering, health, safety and environmental standards and the relevant laws of the country.
  • Ensuring, through the Senior Management, that everybody in the organisation is made aware and understands that any operation that significantly threatens safety, health or the environment, will be shut down, until it can be made safe.
  • Managing the ongoing risk management programme through auditing of equipment, systems and procedures.
  • By adopting and maintaining this policy, we will be insuring the best interest of our Shareholders, Customers, Employees and the Community, as well as enhancing the environment in which we operate.


  • Strive to be the preferred Moulded Fibre Packaging Manufacturer in Southern Africa.
  • Regard quality and food safety in all aspects of our business as cornerstones of our company.
  • Take all reasonable precautions in the development, manufacture, supply and advertising of our packaging in order to achieve this status in the Moulded Fibre Industry.
  • Build long lasting relationships with our customers, which will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

We will control and continually improve our activities through the application and maintenance of a Quality System complying with the requirements of The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. All employees are required to support this policy and work in accordance with the Quality System procedures.

Management in ensuring its continuing suitability, will regularly review this quality policy.


We achieve our priorities by targeting the following objectives:

  • Measure customer complaints and strive towards zero complaints.
  • Timeous response to all complaints, concerns and suggestions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Measure the number on non-conformances in the company, striving towards a continuously reducing value.
  • Train our employees in the relevant areas.
  • Educate our employees in hygiene practices and improve the cleanliness of the factory.
  • Allocate necessary resources to implement this policy.

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