This is designed to retain dimensional stability and its shape. The form is deposited from the mould into a female mould which then proceeds through the drying oven.

The fibrous slurry is pumped into a vat. A plenum, with product moulds mounted on it, passes through this mixture. The liquid pulp is drawn onto the moulds by vacuum and the water is simultaneously extracted, leaving a very soggy, even layer of pulp on the fine stainless steel mesh covering the mould.

The wet product is transferred onto a "carrier belt" that transports it through a drier (oven) at extreme heat to dry the product to "touch-dry". This extreme heat causes the product to undergo considerable shrinkage.

The product is then ironed into the perfect shape by an afterpress, using a combination of heat and extremely high pressure.

The product is then either fed into a printer for customised logo's, trademarks and product description or packed for despatch.

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